Hey…I just wanted to check in with TwentyFour’s client base to fill you in on everything that’s been happening with our brand over the past month since I last blogged. We have been really proactive in getting our brand name out there and known, we have been offered some great opportunities. In a couple of weeks we will be attending Moda, a 3 day trade show at the NEC arena in Birmingham, which I am really excited about!  And if that wasn’t cool enough we have been offered a stand at a clothes and beauty show, Girls Day Out, in Glasgow…so I am feeling pretty happy at the moment. It has been nice to have a couple of positives after having a rubbish start to the month when my son was rushed into hospital with breathing problems; we had to stay in over night but I felt so helpless. He is back to his fun little self now though which is so great to see.





So while I am always thinking about designing, I also have to focus on what’s next for us as a brand. We had a delivery this week of a few new designs, so we had a studio shoot ready to upload them onto the website. We also had a photo shoot on location in a woodland/rural area; this was super fun with our all female team! We are putting together a Look Book together for you, the great thing about our brand is that there is such an eclectic range of clothes it meant that there was such variety of looks. Here is a sneak peak of an image from the Look Book…


It looks so cool and I am really excited about sharing it with you guys!

Yours Truly,

Lucie X




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