Fashions and trends are not consistent they are constantly evolving, some are cyclical and predictable. Style is different, it is not bought in the store when you are picking up the newest trends by the latest designers, it is deeper than that. Your style is inset in you from an early age, it reflects your inner self. This form of self -expression should be embraced, and the TwentyFour brand wants to enhance this expression.

For our creative team, personal style is something to be enhanced not supressed. There is so much importance in dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable, it does not necessarily mean that it will also fit with the latest fashion fad. However, some guidance from others, style inspiration and 'how to wear' clothes are always helpful. We find that a perfect source of inspiration are fashion and lifestyle bloggers. A certain blogger might have a style that you admire, one that feels relatable to your own styling sentiments. There are also bloggers out there whose style you may love, but it is way too daring for you or way out of your comfort parameters. That is the beauty of the designs that we produce here at TwentyFour, they can be made as daring or muted as suits you. The key is making them your own.

Over the past few months TwentyFour has teamed up with a number of bloggers, they all have totally different style, proving the versatility of the designs in our collection.

Blogger Rachelle (pictured left) styles the Celina Silk Jacket to create a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic. She wears the jacket over a cream t-shirt with a detailed neckline and high waisted leather trousers. Flo (pictured right) has created a urban chic vibe, she uses the black top and culottes to contrast the pastel pink jacket. By rolling up the jacket sleeves, and wearing a crop top underneath she adds another dimension to this street styling combination.

The Alicia skirt in bubble gum pink (pictured below) has the ability to translate in so many ways. Monica (pictured left) combines the skirt with a long sleeve black top, a waist belt and chunky black brogues. The contrast colour blocking makes the pink skirt the statement in this look, this is a great way to incorporate it into your daytime style. Ciandra (pictured right) has also played around with block colouring, this time it is more understated. The look she has created could take you effortlessly from work through to dinner.

The last piece that we have chosen is the Kate Sequin dress this piece is less versatile, obviously because of the sequin detail it is more of an occasion dress. However, it can cater for individual style and worn in a way that meets your style needs. The dress itself is a statement, the royal blue and the shimmering sequin detail is bold and to compliment this you can wear black strappy heels as shown by Massiel (pictured left). This simple styling is perfect for an evening out with friends. Dzana (pictured right) wears it with reference to gothic style. The heavy black coat, black tights add an edgy aspect to this dress.

We hope this has been helpful in inspiring some styling ideas. For us at TwentyFour it is so important to nurture your individuality, by putting less emphasis on fashions and focusing more on creating designs to flatter your style.

'Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.' Oscar de la Renta

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on this blog or any of our previous posts.

The TwentyFour Fashion Team.X