Certain Styling and Summer Wardrobes

A topic that has been touched on a lot recently, and one that has frequently come up in discussions between the team and I, is the focus on sustainability and buying clothes that are going to last you a long time. It also goes hand in hand with choosing styles that do not tire after a couple of wears, as well as considering pieces that become your wardrobe staples. Considering clothes as more of a long-term investment than a five minute fad. Personally, I drift towards items that are simple and that I can dress up or down. Occasionally I will see a print or pattern that I love, however prints do have the tendency to become dated. For many women that I speak to, it is about colours and fabric textures as opposed to patterns or prints. I consider wear-ability and practicality when I choose clothes which is something that I have noted about myself as I have gotten older. Without hoarding, it is good to keep some trusted pieces that you feel comfortable in and that suit each season. I think pretty much every woman has a ‘go-to’ pair of denim shorts, if you didn’t wear them in summer you would feel incomplete. Or a midi skirt that is too versatile to part with. And the likelihood is that these pieces will hold their trend value, and really the key is the styling helping you seamlessly through from work worthy to dinner date. With the help of some images from a couple of our latest bloggers here are some spring/summer styling tips. Here is the thing that makes this really cool for us, both bloggers chose the same piece to post about, but styled them in totally different ways. 

Ciandra (See image below) styles the Alicia Midi Skirt with a beautiful cream faux fur coat (perfect styling idea for those chillier spring mornings). The pink pumps with ankle tie detail add to this sophisticated look. By choosing colours that flawlessly complement each other, the outfit flows and works in a way that could take you effortlessly from your working day to dinner with friends. For me there is something ‘Old Hollywood’ about this look, it feels so glamorous and graceful almost as though it gestures towards Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. The Alicia Midi Skirt also comes in Navy, it can be found under the name the Emila Midi Skirt. 

Often, I find myself struggling between styling things in a way that suits every day but still trying to figure in some elements of glamorous. And when I have shared these fears with the girls in the office they have totally empathised with me. I love the previous bloggers styling; however this second style is definitely one I find myself gravitating towards more often than not. For most modern women 85% of their wardrobe needs to fit in with the contemporary lifestyle that they lead. They love fashion but it has to be practical. Monica, our second blogger (Pictured above) is a girl after my own heart. Styling the Alicia Skirt with a leather jacket and trainers creates an edgy look. The careful colour coordinating means that Monica has also created a flawless pallet that combined compliments the skirt and makes it the statement within the outfit. As with the previous blogger I gave the comparison of old Hollywood styling, this I feel is more of an ode to ‘Grease.’ Glamorous but in a subtle way. 

I think that the moral of this blog is to choose pieces that you love but also that you would wear again and again. The Alicia Skirt is a prime example of a piece that you can do this with, and we have demonstrated just how with thanks to these two style savvy bloggers.

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